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Each episode a series of commercials disguised as exciting stories

Living the Dream TV Show™ follows Californians living the American dream in SoCal.  Cast of stunning California models act as consumers in dramatic stories that showcase sponsored products' features and benefits. Series follows quintessential, action sports California girl, Callie Michaels, her surfing bull terrier Slater, her identical triplet friends Brittany, Tiffany and Whitney Thornton, and their families and friends, as she meets the man of her dreams, Kent Clark Darvish, after a bad breakup with her high school boyfriend, Trevor Huntington, when she thought he was going to propose. The audience will be focusing on the dramatic stories never realizing they are watching commercials.  Cliffhanger endings keep them watching.

Executive Producers and Lead Cast

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NO OBLIGATION *** request pilot episode script and proposed sponsorship contract to review ***

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